DISH Network internet service guide

Dish Internet Guide

DISH Network provides High-Speed Internet service to homes across the country. Many Americans rely on a fast internet connection, not only for communication or entertainment purposes, but for their job and their income. The fact remains that many people are mystified by general internet terms. like FiOS, broadband, satellite or DSL. Let’s take a look […]

DISH Flex Pack skinny bundle starts at $39.99/mo.

New DISH Flex Pack Skinny Bundle

The all new DISH Network Flex Pack is the only package that lets you build your own TV package, and it starts at just $39.99. Customize your TV service by customizing the channels you pay for. If you don’t watch it, why pay for it? DISH Skinny Bundle The newest addition to the DISH Network […]

Dish Internet connects rural communities with broadband high-speed satellite internet service.

dishnet Satellite Internet to the Rescue

Rural Internet Many Americans face rural internet crisis. With little to no cable infrastructure and with large distances between repeaters, living in the countryside often means being cut off from the world. Unfortunately, the convenient cellular data network access and Internet connections that people in urban and suburban areas enjoy don’t usually exist in the many small towns […]

2016 Dish vs. Directv Comparison article

All New Dish and DirecTV Comparison

We posted updates to our DISH vs. DIRECTV article. We ant to make sure it’s as impartial as possible, to show that DISH is empirically better. We think it speaks for itself. It’s a comprehensive comparison between Directv and DISH. Here’s a quick look at what we found: Value Package COMPARE DISH NETWORK DIRECTV Number […]

HopperGO Portable DVR

HopperGO Portable DVR Available Now

DISH Network’s HopperGo Portable DVR Announced at CES 2016, the DISH HopperGO is a portable DVR and mobile wireless network. At just $99.00, the Hopper GO will let users save 100 hours of Movies, Tv shows and music and access it from anywhere. When active, the HopperGo acts as a mobile network for up to five devices, […]