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Dish Network vs Bright House TV Packages


Unlike the old days where staying in contact with family and friends meant waiting two months for a letter to come by horseback, today there are so many amazing ways to keep in contact on a daily bases and see what others are sharing.

Sites like Facebook, YouTube and Skype are some of the most popular methods. However, to use most of their features, you need a fast and reliable internet connection. Many companies claim to be the best, but in a side by side comparison, Dish Network has continuously remained ahead of Bright House for Internet plus TV bundles as well as stand-alone TV packages. Providing incredible service and unbelievable savings, Dish knows what you need to keep in touch with the people you care about.

Dish Network offers unbelievably fast speeds (as fast as 4G!), for an amazing low price of just $49.99 a month if you don’t get a bundle. Oh and get this, you can save yourself $10 just by bundling this with your existing or new Dish service, making it just $39.99 a month for Dish’s reliable high speed satellite internet service! Bright House’s digital package with fewer channels and fewer included features starts at $99.00 per month.

It’s easy to see that Dish understands the growing demands of today’s new age of communication and quality home entertainment, providing us with add-ons and extras like:

* Internet speeds 3X faster than DSL!

* Nationwide coverage!

* $240 in savings when you bundle!

* Speeds as fast as 4G!

And when you order satellite TV service…

* The Hopper free upgrade, which gives you the benefits of recording your favorite movies and TV shows

* The Dish Anywhere app for free, which allows you to watch your recorded AND live shows from your phone whenever and wherever you want

* Blockbuster @home free for three months, giving you the latest movies for free streamed on your TV

* FREE HD for 2 years!

* HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz, FREE for three full months with EVERY package!

Unlike Bright House Networks who offers standard cable and internet service, serving only a limited area, Dish Network is all digital and nationwide. And remember all of those hidden taxes, service fees and other miscellaneous charges that keep appearing on your cable bill? Dish saves you from it. Dish is a competitive company, unlike local protected cable monopolies, and it doesn’t charge hidden fees and special “infrastructure” taxes on top of you bill. Because of this, you end up save even more money than you think just comparing the package prices!

You also get the best equipment with Dish. The menus and remotes are incredibly easy to use. The high definition boxes give you crisp, gorgeous images. And they let you take your TV shows anywhere you want to go. Going on a business trip? Catch up on your favorite shows while you’re on the plane. Going on a family road trip? Give the kids in back live or pre-recorded TV on a smart phone or tablet–guaranteed to keep them occupied for hours!

When comparing Dish Network vs Bright House, only Dish gives you the best benefits, and you get it for less money!


Universal Sports Network Free This Weekend on DISH


Get your beach volleyball fix this weekend on Universal Sports Network, courtesy of DISH free previews!

2014 ASICS World Series of Beach Volleyball

This weekend only, Universal Sports Network (Channel 402) is free to all DISH subscribers. The station provides year-round coverage of Olympic sports such as track and field, cycling, skating, swimming and much more, including the 2014 ASICS World Series of Beach Volleyball live from Long Beach, California.

Olympic gold medal winner Kerri Walsh Jennings and silver medalist April Ross have shown great chemistry this year and are already considered to be strong contenders at the 2016 Summer Olympics. On the men’s side, Todd Rogers and Theodore Brunner scored an upset earlier this week against Spain before advancing to the elimination rounds.

Universal Sports Network is regularly available as part of the Multi-Sport Pack — more than 35 of the best sports channels on television. For a limited time, new customers who sign up for select TV package will get the Multi-Sport Pack included as part of their subscription.

The DISH free preview of Universal Sports Network runs from July 24, 2014 to July 29, 2014.


Dish Network or Cablevision Optimum?


In today’s flourishing world of home entertainment technology, we expect more from internet service providers. We want a company that understands these demands and constantly finds new ways to give us the best possible services at the lowest prices. We need a company that caters to many different needs so that we know that we will get exactly what we need from a TV and internet service provider.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of choosing Dish over Cablevision Optimum packages. We’ll see which one better fits your needs and today’s growing demands.

When we look at Dish and Cablevision, whose service is branded as Optimum, the first thing we notice is the price.

The Optimum Economy package starts at $44.95 a month, while DISH offers four different packages loaded with channels for lower cost: $19.99/month, $29.99/month, $34.99/month and $39.99/month. Indeed, at basically the same price as the “Economy” package through Optimum, Dish gives you twelve months of their America’s Top 250 package at $44.99/month. That’s nearly the most luxurious package Dish offers! It comes with 290+ channels and loads of extras. Optimum Economy doesn’t even come close.

Dish saves you money and gives you more. It’s no surprise so many people switch to Dish who used to be Optimum customers in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Utah, Montana or Wyoming.

With Dish, you also get true mobility with your TV. No restrictions on where you are when you watch live TV, unlike Optimum’s requirement that you be in your house on your own Internet connection in order to watch live TV. Dish lets you take your live and recorded shows anywhere you want on your phone, tablet or computer.

Dish also offers:

* All of your local channels, including the HD ones

* Nationwide Coverage! Reliability, quality, and control!

* Internet for rural customers with speeds as fast as 4G! Welcome to the new age of Internet speed!

* 2 full years of free HD

* Free HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and Starz for three months

* TV and Internet bundling deals (but we’ll find you the best price and service–sometimes it is better to avoid one-company bundles)

And did you know that your Dish bill doesn’t include the taxes you get on a cable company’s bill? That’s right, you get to avoid all of the “surprise!” fees and mystery charges that local cable companies are legally allowed to hide in their bills.

Dish also gives more options than Cablevision for those who speak a second language, as well! Dish offers four different Spanish-language packages and over 100 different packages from 25 regions around the world. As the leader in international programming options, programming from India, China, South East Asia, Europe, Africa and South America that local cable companies wouldn’t dream of offering, Dish provides in popular packages at the best prices.

Your next step: call to compare your current bill to a new quote. You will get the latest promotional price and equipment, and you’ll know what your actual bill would be–no commitment. Most who switch to Dish save over $300 in just their first year!

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