Super Bowl 50 on DISH

Super Bowl 50-Put Your Hopper DVR to the Test

Every year, February’s arrival brings with it an event set with anticipation… Super Bowl Sunday. Even if your team didn’t make it to the “Big Game”, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be tuning in, OR you were willing to drop $6,500 on a ticket…  In either case, of the estimated 112 Million people expected […]

What movies channels are on DISH?

Movie Channels on DISH Network

When you turn on the TV, you always want something to be on. You might be in the mood for a familiar favorite film or, you might want to be surprised by a new series to binge watch on a Sunday afternoon. The Movie channels on DISH Network have everything you need to ensure that there is […]

Find the Sports you love on Dish

What Sports Channels are on DISH Network?

You love sports, and fortunately, Dish loves sports too. With Dish Networks Sports Packages you’ll have access to all the games, matches, races and coverage you could ever ask for, without doubling your monthly costs, unlike DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket package. Dish gives you access to: MLB Extra Innings ESPN GamePlan NBA League Pass Fox […]