NFL 2016 Season Schedule Week 2

NFL is in full swing week 2 with some interesting match ups. Our top pick to watch is Packers at Vikings. Vikings host the Packers in a divisional rivalry on NBC’s Sunday Night Football that will be the very first regular season game played in Minnesota’s new U.S. Bank Stadium. Other interesting match ups also include divisional rivalries such as Bengals at Steelers and Cowboys at Redskins. Sign up for DISH Networks Multi-Sport Package and start watching today! Here are our picks for best NFL games to watch in week 2:

  1. Packers at Vikings 8:30pm ET on NBC
  2. Bengals at Steelers 1:00pm ET on CBS
  3. Cowboys at Redskins 1:00 ET on FOX
  4. Seahawks at Rams 4:05pm ET on FOX
  5. Dolphins at Patriots 1:00 ET on CBS
  6. Buccaneers at Cardinals 4:05pm ET on FOX
  7. Chiefs at Texans 1:00 ET on CBS
  8. Colts at Broncos 4:25pm ET on CBS
  9. 49ers at Panthers 1:00 ET on FOX
  10. Jets at Bills 8:25 ET on CBS/NFL Network
  11. Jaguars at Chargers 4:25pm ET on CBS
  12. Falcons at Raiders 4:25pm ET on CBS
  13. Eagles at Bears 8:30pm ET on ESPN
  14. Saints at Giants 1:00 ET on FOX
  15. Ravens at Browns 1:00 ET on CBS
  16. Titans at Lions 1:00 ET on CBS


Cricket Technique Leaves IPL Fans Scratching their Heads

We’ve never seen anyone bowl like this.

India Premier Leagues, Gujarat Lions, have begun attracting attention for Shivil Kaushik, and his unorthodox bowling technique. While not entirely unorthodox on it’s own, Shivil’s flail, is very uncommon in Indian Cricket. For all of it’s style, the unique approach, only manages to get out two Australian batsmen from the opposing team Kings XI. The Gujarat Lions lost by 23 runs. You can catch the IPL action on Willow TV International.

2016 NBA Playoffs on ESPN, TNT, NBA TV and ABC

It’s time for the 2016  NBA Playoffs! With the regular season over, the field is set for the rapidly approaching NBA Finals. which begin on June 2. Playoff games will be broadcast on multiple networks: ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, TNT and NBA TV. The NBA Finals will be on ABC. Follow along Here.

While many of the seeds were set before the last buzzer of the regular season sounded, there were still opportunities for drama. The biggest upsets included the Houston Rockets who clinched the No. 8 seed in the West with a win over the Sacramento Kings. The Miami Heat won their division and secured the East’s No. 3 despite a loss to Boston in their season closer.

2016 NBA Playoffs

The NBA playoffs consists 16 teams, with eight in each conference. Each bracket consists of a best-of-seven series that culminates in a showdown between the East and West’s champion teams.

2016 NBA Playoffs on TNT, ESPN, NBA TV and ABC

Eastern Conference

No. 1 Cleveland Cavaliers

No. 2 Toronto Raptors

No. 3 Miami Heat

No, 4 Atlanta Hawks

No. 5 Boston Celtics

No. 6 Charlotte Hornets

No. 7 Indiana Pacers

No. 8 Detroit Pistons


Western Conference

No. 1 Golden State Warriors

No. 2 San Antonio Spurs

No. 3 Oklahoma City Thunder

No. 4 Los Angeles Clippers

No. 5 Portland Trail Blazers

No. 6 Dallas Mavericks

No. 7 Memphis Grizzlies

No. 8 Houston Rockets


First-round Schedule

1. Warriors vs. 8. Rockets

GAME 1 – Warriors 104, Rockets 78

GAME 2 – Warriors 115, Rockets 106

GAME 3 – Rockets 97, Warriors 96

GAME 4 – Warriors 121, Rockets 94

GAME 5 – Rockets at Warriors: Wed. April 27, TBD, TBD

GAME 6* – Warriors at Rockets, Fri. April 29, TBD, TBD

GAME 7* – Rockets at Warriors, Sun. May 1, TBD, TBD

Spurs vs. Grizzlies

GAME 1 – Spurs 106, Grizzlies 74

GAME 2 – Spurs 94, Grizzlies 68

GAME 3 – Spurs 96, Grizzlies 87

GAME 4 – Spurs 116, Grizzlies 95

Spurs win series, 4-0

Thunder vs. Mavericks

GAME 1 – Thunder 108, Mavericks 70

GAME 2 – Mavericks 85, Thunder 84

GAME 3 – Thunder 131, 102 Mavericks

GAME 4 – Thunder 119, Mavericks 108

GAME 5 – Thunder 118, Mavericks 104

Thunder win series, 4-1

Clippers vs. Blazers

GAME 1 – Clippers 115, Blazers 95

GAME 2 – Clippers 102, Blazers 81

GAME 3 – Blazers 96, Clippers 88

GAME 4 – Blazers 98, Clippers 84

GAME 5 – Blazers at Clippers, Wed. April 27, TBD, TBD

GAME 6 – Clippers at Blazers, Fri. April 29, TBD, TBD

GAME 7* – Blazers at Clippers, Sun. May 1, TBD, TBD

Cavaliers vs. Pistons

GAME 1 – Cavaliers 106, Pistons 101

GAME 2 – Cavaliers 107, Pistons 90

GAME 3 – Cavaliers 101, Pistons 91

GAME 4 – Cavaliers 100, Pistons 98

Cavaliers win series 4-0

Raptors vs. Pacers

GAME 1 – Pacers 100, Raptors 90

GAME 2 – Raptors 98, Pacers 87

GAME 3 – Raptors 108, Pacers 85

GAME 4 – Pacers 100, Raptors 83

GAME 5 – Raptors 102, Pacers 99

GAME 6 – Raptors at Pacers, Fri. April 29, TBD, TBD

GAME 7* – Pacers at Raptors, Sun. May 1, TBD, TBD

Heat vs. Hornets

GAME 1 – Heat 123, Hornets 91

GAME 2 – Heat 115, Hornets 103

GAME 3 – Hornets 96, Heat 80

GAME 4 – Hornets 89, Heat 85

GAME 5 – Hornets at Heat, Wed. April 27, 8 p.m. TNT

GAME 6 – Heat at Hornets, Fri. April 29, TBD, TBD

GAME 7* – Hornets at Heat, Sun. May 1, TBD, TBD

Hawks vs. Celtics

GAME 1 – Hawks 102, Celtics 101

GAME 2 – Hawks 89, Celtics 72

GAME 3 – Celtics 111, Hawks 103

GAME 4 – Celtics 104, Hawks 95 OT

GAME 5 – Hawks 110, Celtics 83

GAME 6 – Hawks at Celtics, Thu. April 28, TBD, TBD

GAME 7* – Celtics at Hawks, Sat. April 30, TBD, TNT

March Madness 2016 on Dish TV

March Madness 2016 on DISH

Are you ready for March Madness? Well, it’s time to fill out your brackets.

The whole 2016 tournament is available on DISH, including the National Championship, being held on April 4th at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. All the games, coverage and commentary of the 2016 NCAA March Madness on DISH! Spring is here and we’re ready for longer days and the excitement we expect from the NCAA National Championship.

This year March Madness games will be featured on four channels: CBS, TBS, TNT and truTV. You can watch all the games live on your DISHTV at home and using the DISH Anywhere app, catch the action from your mobile device.

Here’s the current TV schedule for 2016 March Madness. Watch for news about the NCAA March Madness Tournament on DISH!

2016 March Madness Tournament Schedule

Selection Sunday

March 3, 2016


The Big Dance

First Round

March 15, 2016 and March 16, 2015

University of Dayton Arena
Dayton, Ohio

First-Second Rounds


March 17, 2015 and March 20, 2015

Providence, RI, Dunkin Donuts Center

Des Moines, IA, Wells Fargo Arena

Raleigh, NC, PNC Arena

Denver, CO, Pepsi Center

New York City, NY, Barclays Center

St. Louis, MO, Scottrade Center

Oklahoma City, OK, Chesapeake Energy Arena

Spokane, WA, Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena

Denver, CO, Pepsi Center

Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight

Midwest Regional

March 25, 2016 and March 27, 2016

United Center, Chicago Illinois

West Regional

March 25, 2016 and March 27, 2016

Honda Center, Anaheim, California

South Regional

March 25, 2016 and March 27, 2016

KFC Yum Center, Louisville, Kentucky

East Regional

March 25, 2016 and March 27, 2016

Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Final Four

April 2, 2016

NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas

National Championship

April 4, 2016

NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas

Worried you’ll miss a game? See how the new Hopper 3 DVR makes it easier than ever to catch all the sports action.

You Could Be Watching 4 March Madness Games at Once with DISH’s Hopper 3

So you want to experience as much March Madness as possible, right? Lots of people will head to their local watering hole so they can watch multiple games on different TVs. But why wait hours for a table and cram yourself in shoulder-to-shoulder at the sports bar when you can watch 4 games at once with DISH? Plus the beer is cheaper too!

MultiView is now available on DISH’s award-winning DVR, the Hopper 3. The feature just launched this morning, March 17, 2016. Just in time for the NCAA Tournament.

You must have a Hopper 3 in order to watch 4 games at once. So if you aren’t a DISH subscriber yet, check out the Packages and Pricing and find the best fit for you.

Once you’ve joined the growing DISH family, here’s how to use MultiView:

Entering MultiView Mode:

  1. Press the Options button on the Hopper 3 remote and select #4 Picture in Picture (PiP). You will see PiP options at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select MultiView with your remote.

Hopper 3 MultiView

Selecting Channels in MultiView:

  1. A red border highlights the active window. In order to change the channel within the active window, press the Channel Up or Channel Down buttons on the 52.0 remote or the Page Up and Page Down buttons on the 40.0 remote. You can also directly enter the channel numbers or bring up the Guide and select a channel.
  2. To make another window active in order to change the channel, press the Input button on the 52.0 remote or the Swap button on the 40.0 remote.
  3. Press Select on any MultiView active window to make it full screen.
  4. To go back to MultiView, press Input on the 52.0 remote or Swap on the 40.0 remote.

Watch 4 NCAA Tournaments Games with Hopper 3