History of Memphis, Tennessee

The History of Memphis, Tennessee – From Chickasaw to the Birth of Blues

Memphis, Tennessee has a long and rich history. The story of the city is one of periods of strong economic growth punctuated by serious challenges. It is a city with an impressive cultural heritage as one of the birth places of blues. And as we will see below it is a story that has been over a thousand years in the making.

The area where modern day Memphis now sits was likely first settled between 800 and 1600 CE by members of the Mississippian culture tribes. These are native American tribes noted for their mount building construction. During the 1700’s the Chickasaw Indian tribe migrated into the area. It is thought that the Chickasaw likely originated in what is modern day Mexico before heading north.

The first European visitor to the area is believed to be the Spanish explorer Hernado de Soto who arrived during the first part of the 1540’s. De Soto was followed by French explorers Cavelier and de La Salle who reached what would become the Memphis area during the 1680’s. The explorers would build Fort Prudhomme. A second settlement First Assumption was constructed in 1739 on the Chickasaw Bluff. This would serve as a base against the Chickasaw Indian during the 1739 military campaign.

The city of Memphis was founded on May 22, 1819. The founding investors in the city including James Winchester and Andrew Jackson. The city was later incorporated in 1826. The city took it’s name from the ancient capital of Egypt which was located on the river Nile. The city thrived thanks to it’s position as a trading centre for cotton cultivated on the plantations in the surrounding area. From the start the city was envisioned as a major city. The plan for the city featured a well laid out grid of streets punctuated by four town squares.

The city suffered two significant setbacks in 1878 and 1879 as a result of Yellow Fever epidemics. During the 1878 epidemic more than five thousand residents of the city would die and tens of thousands were forced to flee. The impact of these epidemics went beyond the cost in lives however. The financial impact of the epidemics was devastating for the city, directly leading to the city needing to declare bankruptcy. The city was forced to give up it’s city charter which it would not regain until 1893.

Not all the economic news for the city was bad however. By the turn of the 20th century Memphis had transformed itself into the home of the world’s largest spot market for cotton. It was also the world’s largest market for hardwood.

The economic engine of the city’s growth was something of a double edge sword. Historically, the regions expansive plantations had been based on slave labor. In fact before the civil war one quarter of the Memphis population had been slaves. The historical legacy of a class based society riven along racial lines led directly civil rights protests during the 1960’s. This cumulated in a major strike by the city’s sanitation workers in 1968.

Arguably the city’s most significant impact on the wider world has been cultural. Memphis has produced some of history’s most famous blues musicians. These include jazz legends such as B.B. King, Muddy Water and Robert Johnson. The history of blues imbues the culture of the city to this day.

Memphis TN Nightlife Review

Memphis, TN Nightlife Review

Memphis, TN is one of the best places to have fun with your friends over the weekend. If you have been looking for a good hangout where you listen to live music, dine and drink the whole night in Memphis, then you have come to the right page. In our Memphis, TN nightlife Review, we have outlined five spots that will rarely disappoint.

Young Avenue Deli: 2119 Young Ave, Memphis, TN 38104 (901) 278-0034

Young Avenue Deli is among the top spots where you can hear live music, thanks to the expansive stage and large area for seating. Located right at the heart Copper Young, the spot attract performances from different acts. If you do not like music, you can visit the place and taste some of the foods prepared by excellent chefs in Memphis. The main theme of food at this club is bar food with tips. Some of the popular delicacies that you can enjoy while at the club include super veggie sandwich, beer battered artichoke hearts and sweet potato fries just to mention a few of them. Furthermore, the bar boasts of wide selection of the best beer brands from all over the world. Any time you feel bored, simply stroll to this club and play pool or foosball. The huge projector screen at the venue offers you the opportunity of catching a live Memphis Grizzlies game on Satellite TV.

Newby’s Memphis: 539 S Highland St, Memphis, TN 38111 (901) 452-8408

Located a few miles from the University of Memphis, Newby’s Memphis houses a live music space, pool hall and large bar where you can have a taste of the best wines. Headline acts such as Jason Mraz, Daughtry as well as Quiet Riot have all performed at this venue. When it comes to food, you can have spicy crawfish served with fried prickles or smothered tater tots among others.

Brookhaven Pub and Grill: 695 W Brookhaven Cir, Memphis, TN 38117 (901) 680-8118

Do you want to have a taste of turkey, smoked cheddar and honey mustard? Well if that is the case, then you should head to the Brookhaven Pub and grill with one or two friends this weekend. In addition to the great dishes, the pub and grill has live music performance and a Large outdoor patio where you can have ultimate fun. The full bar serves lunch as well as dinner at pocket friendly prices that will not leave broke before the end of the month.

T.J Mulligan’s: 1817 Kirby Parkway at Poplar, Memphis, TN 38138 (901) 755-2481

Offering a wide range of food, appetizers burgers, salads and dinner entrees, T.J Mulligan’s -highway 64 is simply one in its own class. The live music performances on every Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays as well as Saturdays will make to keep visiting this place any time you feel like having fun. While at the destination, you teach your friends one or two dance moves before catching a live match on the big and smaller screens at the pub.

RP Tracks Restaurant & Bar: 3547 Walker Ave, Memphis, TN 38111 (901) 327-1471

RP is an amazing college hangout. Located in the southern part of the University of Memphis, the venue attracts thousands of students as well as locals. Some of the popular menus at the place include bacon-grilled cheese, grilled chicken and Swiss cheese. Vegetarians can have a taste of alpha beta pita and alfalfa sprouts among other dishes. In conclusion, Memphis boasts of many venues where you can dance to your favorite music, watch matches, enjoy delicious meals, drink wine or beer and relax with friends among other activities. With the many clubs in this place, you have no reason to spend the whole day bored

Famous People From Memphis

Famous People from Memphis, TN

Memphis, Tennessee has produced some of the world’s most popular people. They range from actors to directors and even globally recognized writers. Below are some of the most famous people from Memphis, TN.

10. Ginnifer Goodwin
Born in Memphis, TN, Goodwin is best known for her role in Big Love (as Margene Heffman). She has also starred in other TV shows including Sofia the First, Ed and Law & Order. Goodwin has also played leading roles in many films including Mona Lisa Smile, A Single Man and Something Borrowed.

9. James Blackwood
James was a founding member of The Blackwood Brothers; a gospel quartet. Born in 1919, he was the youngest of the four siblings. The group managed to win multiple awards including nine wins and thirteen nominations in The Grammy’s.

8. Shannen Doherty
Doherty is an actress, producer, director, and author. Although she is best known for playing the role of Brenda Walsh in Beverly Hills, 90210, Doherty has featured in many other films and TV shows; including Father Murphy and Charmed. She has been a Youth In Film Awards nominee eight times.

7. Daniel Schneider
Popularly known as Dan, Schneider was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. After successfully auditioning for a movie part, Dan moved to L.A. where he grew to become a successful writer and producer. His works include The Amanda Show, All That and What I Like About You. He is the owner of Schneider’s Bakery (a production company).

6. Lisa Marie Presley
Lisa Marie Presley is Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley’s daughter. She is also famous for her acting, songwriting and singing skills. She has been married to Michael Jackson, Nicholas Cage, and Danny Keough. Her music ranges from rock, folk, blues and country.

5. Chris Parnell
Parnell is best known from NBC’s Saturday Night Live where he was a cast member from 1998 to 2006. His fame is largely attributable to his vast scope of abilities. They include comedy, acting, voicing and singing.

4. Aretha Franklin
Franklin is an inductee of the prestigious Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. She was the first woman to achieve the status. Dubbed as the Queen of Soul, Franklin started her singing career in her father’s church. When she was 18, she joined Columbia Records and started singing secular music. Her biggest achievements came in 1967 after signing a record deal with Atlantic Records. Her voice was labeled as a “natural resource” by the Michigan Government in 1985.

3. Justin Timberlake
Timberlake is a multi-talented native of Memphis, Tennessee. He is a singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer. At only 14, he rose to prominence as the youngest member of N’SYNC. In 2002, Timberlake launched his solo career with the album Justified. He has earned numerous awards, honors and recognition in his career; including nine Grammy and four Emmy Awards.

2. Kathy Bates
Born Kathleen Doyle “Kathy” Bates in June 28, 1948, she is an actress, director, and producer. With a showbiz career that spans over 40 years, Bates is known for her roles in many films and TV shows; including American Horror Story.

1. Morgan Freeman
Freeman is an actor and a narrator. He is among the highly regarded and respected figures in showbiz. His career dates back to 1960’s when he appeared in the TV series Another World. His first credited film, Who Says I Can’t Ride a Rainbow?, was released in 1971.

Budget Hotels in Memphis, TN

Top 5 Budget Hotels in Memphis, TN for Travelers on a Budget

Traveling to Tennessee is a great experience for vacationers. Memphis as its prominent city has its share of amazing sights worth visiting. For people who want to save money on accommodation, several budget hotels in Memphis, TN offer its services for clients on a budget.

As budget hotels, most cheap hotels in Memphis offer basic services and facilities meant for travelers who want to maximize their tour by spending more on sightseeing. To get you started, the following are five of the cheap hotels you can find in Memphis.

Motel 6 Memphis: 1581 E Brooks Rd, Memphis, TN 38116 (901) 345-3344

Marketed as an eco-friendly accommodation, Motel 6 Memphis – Graceland is an affordable accommodation near Full Gospel Tabernacle Church. Its proximity to the place of worship makes it a popular site among travelers going for a pilgrimage tour of the tabernacle.

The hotel offers 60 air-conditioned rooms, free local calls, and housekeeping. Guests can also enjoy wireless Internet access given as a complimentary service. It also has a seasonal outdoor pool and other amenities for guests to enjoy.

Average room rate per night is $49.

Days Inn West Memphis: 1100 Ingram Blvd, West Memphis, AR 72301 (870) 735-8600

As one of the budget hotels in Memphis, TN, some people may find Days Inn West Memphis $69 nightly rate slightly expensive other budget hotels. However, this hotel has fairly good ratings with around 80 percent of the guests who booked online recommending it to other travelers.

This family-friendly hotel is located minutes away from Southland Park Gaming and Racing and National Ornamental Metal Museum. With 142 air-conditioned rooms, guests can feel right at home as they are equipped with microwave ovens and refrigerators. Guests are also granted complimentary wireless internet and other entertainment amenities.

Colonial Inn and Suites: 1952 E Shelby Dr, Memphis, TN 38116 (901) 332-5777

The Colonial Inn and Suites is slightly smaller than other aforementioned hotels, offering only 36 guest rooms. However, it has the same amenities and services that guests will like. Services include complimentary wireless internet, cable TV programming, refrigerators, microwaves and others. It also has an in-house bar and lounge for guests who want to have a quick drink without leaving the hotel’s vicinity. Average nightly rate is $50.

Real Value Inn: 3896 Lamar Ave, Memphis, TN 38118 (901) 365-6100

Also one of the budget hotels in Memphis, TN, Real Value Inn is a family-friendly hotel located near Memphis Botanic Gardens. Its large establishment with 145 guest rooms allow more guests to stay for the holidays or regular travel days. It offers complimentary wireless internet, cafe, room services, and bar. Average nightly rate is $40.

Extended Stay America Memphis: 6520 Mt Moriah Rd, Memphis, TN 38115 (901) 362-0338

Situated near Mount Moriah Road Ext., Extended Stay America Memphis offers cheap accommodation that makes guests feel right at home. It has 104 guest rooms equipped with stovetops and refrigerators, flat-screen televisions, cable programming, as well as wireless internet access. Guests booking this hotel can also take advantage of complimentary continental breakfast. Average room rate is $52 per night.

Without a doubt, saving money on accommodation is possible with budget hotels in Memphis, TN. Book early and select the ones near your target tourist destinations and maximize your budget on sightseeing. Many of these hotels have fairly good ratings, which give tourists a good experience while on their tour.