Richmond Nightlife Review

Richmond, VA Nightlife Review

Richmond city, though is an old city, it is certainly young as far as nightlife is concerned. It is a home of state of the art dance clubs, live music, and bars. It is a recreation city that caters for young, adults and less young people. It is a good city for anyone who wants to go out and have fun and find something that suits their needs. In Richmond city, I will be wrong to say that that the fun set with the sun. The night life starts when the dusk falls. It is a city of live music performances and concerts. In fact, there are live music and concerts every night of the week. Some of the places to spend your nightlife in the Richmond city include:

Canal Club: 1545 E Cary St, Richmond, VA 23219 (804) 643-2582

The canal club is one of the best clubs to enjoy live music performances from top artists. This club is the best place to have fun and relax your mind as you enjoy great live music and a cool atmosphere all night long. It is one of the youngest clubs offering entertainment in Richmond. People come to take a glass of beer here after a busy day at the workplace. The Canal Club is a home for showcasing the upcoming bands, both local and international bands.

Tobacco Company Club: 1201 E Cary St, Richmond, VA 23219 (804) 782-9555

The upper crusty professional finds their way here after a busy working day. The club is popular for its state of the art music system and dance floor. The club opens every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

Beach House Bar and Grille: 4040 Cox Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23060 (804) 612-6116

The club offers a cool atmosphere where diverse crowd come to enjoy and get to know each other. The club is popular for delicious and reasonably priced food. Every night is different from the other. Each night is unique from the other. Entertainments include music trivia, Dueling pianos, Karaoke and many more. The club is full of fun making activities and dancing.

Poe’s Pub: 2706 E Main St, Richmond, VA 23223 (804) 648-2120

The club is situated at the base of Libby Hill Park. The quirky environment and high skilled staffs make the club a popular entertainment zone. Also, the quality of the music and the dance floor is something no to forget to mention. The club offers quality and delicious meals.

Dance space: 6004 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23230 (804) 673-3326

It is one of the most inviting and friendly clubs to have a dance with your partner. Almost every Saturday is a swing dance. The DJs keep the crowd fully entertained with a wide selection of Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston, and East Coast swing among other swing era swing dances. The club offers training for people who want to learn the swing dance. The training from 7.30 to 8.30 pm free of charge upon admission. This club is a hub of dancers of all ages who come to have fun and showcase their dancing skills in a non-threatening environment.

Other places to have fun in Richmond include the River Rock Casino, Mandalay Steakhouse and Lounge in Stevenson, ardent crafts, Richmond funny bone, and the Broad berry club. All these places are locked with fun making events including live performances, music, dancing and delicious meals. The nightlife in Richmond is such a wonderful and irresistible experience. The city has something unique for everyone. the above Richmond, VA Nightlife review will help you get the best place to relax and enjoy yourself after work.

Best Rated Hotels in Richmond, VA

The Best Rated Hotels in Richmond, VA

Richmond is a city in Virginia, USA that is located 44 miles west of Williamsburg, 98 miles south of Washington and 66 miles east of Charlottesville. It’s surrounded by two counties; Chesterfield and Henrico. Its major suburbs are; Midlothian (south-west), Mechanicville (north-east), Glen Allen (north) and Short Pump (west). Here are the best rated hotels in Richmond, VA:

Jefferson Hotel: 6631 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23230 (804) 282-8444

Jefferson Hotel is regarded as the best hotel in Richmond, VA and among the best in USA. It is renowned for friendly customer service, elegant decor, luxurious guestrooms and breath-taking architecture. The hotel was established in 1985 and is one of the members of Historic Hotels of America and also America’s Preferred Hotels –and Resorts. Jefferson Hotel consists of approximately 26,000 square feet of space, two signature restaurants and 155 suites and guestrooms, indoor swimming pool and outdoor sun desk. Every Sunday, it offers guests sumptuous Champagne Breakfast and tea service in the afternoon. Guests who choose to stay at the hotel are assured of daily newspaper deliveries, local transportation services, high-speed wireless internet, evening turn down services, local telephone calls, access to a fitness center, round-the-clock room services and concierge services.

The Westin Richmond: 6631 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23230 (804) 282-8444

The Westin Richmond is a trend-setter in the provision of excellent accommodation, rejuvenating environment and attentive services. The hotel’s main priority is to take care of its guests’ comfort and well-being. Those who stay at Westin Richmond are assured of refreshing their minds and bodies in a Wourkout and indoor pool. The luxurious hotel boasts of the desired AAA four-diamond-rating, Best in Class and Hotel of the -Year awards. It offers a variety of customized touches which different clients may need to rejuvenate themselves even when they’re far away from their homes, regardless of whether they are in Richmond for business meetings or on quite retreats with their loved ones. Most of the guests who stay at the hotel enjoy a wide range of amenities which ultimately give them unforgettable experiences.

Hilton-Richmond Hotel & Spa: 12042 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23233 (804) 364-3600

The hotel is strategically located at the epicenter of Richmond’s Short Pump area, off Broad Street and a few minutes away from an international airport. Hilton-Richmond Hotel & Spa consists of the following; 254 suites and guestrooms, Aura Salon & Spa, 23, 000 square feet conference hall with the capacity of hosting 1,300 people, several private dining rooms, 10, 000 square feet ball room and a number of break-out rooms.

Omni Richmond Hotel: 100 S 12th St, Richmond, VA 23219 (804) 344-7000

Omni Richmond Hotel is an elegant, gracious and luxurious facility that provides its guests with refined southern hospitality within a contemporary, relaxed and refined setting. The hotel strives to meet varying needs of different guests, whether they are travelling for pleasure or business. It’s strategically located near the vibrant and historic Shokoe Slip district. Guests can therefore enjoy viewing ancient architecture and brick streets lined with lamps which were constructed many years ago. The location consists of some of the most treasured tourist attraction and historic sites which give guests unforgettable experiences.

The Berkeley Hotel: 1200 E Cary St, Richmond, VA 23219 (804) 780-1300

The Berkeley Hotel is one of the best rated hotels in Richmond. It provides guests with comfortable, gracious accommodation facilities and excellent services. The hotel is conveniently located adjacent to the CBD and just a few meters away from R. James Canal Walk, the State Capitol, VCU’s medical college, tourist attraction sites and other government buildings. It offers exceptional dining and a wide range of options to accommodate banquets, meetings and other special events. Berkeley Hotel provides the following special amenities; cable television, in-room dining, in-room coffee-makers, business center, terry bathrobes, health club privileges, voicemail, instant dry-cleaning and laundry services and high speed wireless internet, among others.

Best Restaurants in Richmond, VA

5 Of the Best Restaurants in Richmond, Virginia

Richmond is one of the major cities in the US and to be fair it offers one of the best culinary and hospitality experience in the world. The city is endowed with a number of elegant and exotic restaurants serving unbelievable recipes. Whether you are in the city for business or pleasure, savoring the breathtaking cuisine and the world class hospitality offered by restaurants here should not be missed. Many restaurants in Richmond aspire to the highest standard of service but even then, the following is a list of five of the very Best Restaurants in Richmond, VA.

Acacia Mid-Town 

Acacia Mid-Town is one of the most exclusive upscale restaurants in Richmond. This culinary Gem is located in Richmond’s Fan district at 2601 W. Cary St. on the corner of Robinson and Cary streets. The restaurant offers a collection of fine cuisines perfected by world-class chefs for years. The menu is also diverse with a wide collection of sea food and authentic American dishes. If you are looking for a quiet and cozy place to wine and dine after a long day in the city, the Acacia Mid-Town is the perfect place to be.


If you are a culinary enthusiast with a keen eye for Mediterranean recipes, Stella’s will not let you down. The restaurant delivers a soulful ambiance with impeccable lighting and a breathtaking decor. Stella’s has a rich history in Richmond and is today one of the most popular diner stops for tourists and locals. If you are feeling a little adventurous, you can savor the exotic seafood and Mediterranean cuisines the restaurant has to offer. Stella’s is located at 1012 Lafayette St., Richmond, Virginia 23221.


L’Opossum is a vintage and cozy up market restaurant located at 626 China St, Richmond, VA 23220. Stepping into its well kept interior takes you back into time and that’s not all, the food is simply out of this world. The restaurant is so popular that you may need to make a reservation early enough. In any case, L’Opossum is a nice place to seat back and enjoy a meal with a friend or a significant other. The customer service is also spectacular.

Lemaire Restaurant

The Lemaire is a deceptively simple restaurant but make no mistake, it is one of the best and most popular restaurant in Richmond. What really sets the Lemaire apart is its amazing twists to local American foods. It also has a bar with a variety of drinks and the ambiance is simply amazing. If you are looking for a different wine and dine experience, you can make your way to Lemaire today. The restaurant is located at 101 West Franklin Street, Richmond, Virginia.

La Grotta Ristorante

Any culinary experience can never be complete without a taste of the legendary Italian cuisine. If you are in love with Italian food or you are simply adventurous enough to try it for the first time, La Grotta Ristorante is the best place to be. The restaurant serves authentic Italian dishes with a distinct contemporary twist to blow you away. La Grotta Ristorante is located at 1218 E Cary St, Richmond, VA 23219.

Richmond has its fair share of amazing restaurants and if you happen to be passing by this modern city, enjoying a good meal should not be a problem.

History of Richmond, Virginia

History of Richmond, Virginia: A Story of Defiance, Resilience and Courage

Richmond fondly called, “The River City” is Virginia’s capital. During the civil war, the city was the capital of the Confederate States of America. The City is located at the falls of the James River (formerly called Powhatan’s River).

History of Richmond, Virginia

Prior to the arrival of English explorers, the area was inhabited by the Powhatan tribes. In 1607, Captain John Smith and a group of 120 men from Jamestown, V.A became the first settlers at James Falls. On May 21, 1607, Captain Christopher Newport and his party of explorers continued an exploration of the James River. Within a week, they found the falls and a small Island. On May 27, the party set up a cross that marked Richmond’s “discovery”. The Powhatan people put up a remarkable resistance against the settlers.

Founding of Richmond

In 1637, Thomas Stegg set up a trading post near the falls. Many new settlers flocked in after the construction of Fort Charles. Fort Charles continued to grow into a trading post. Fur, hides, and tobacco were the main items of trade. After the death of Stegg’s son, William Byrd I, a nephew took over the expanding estate. Colonel William Byrd II founded Richmond in 1737.

In 1742, Richmond, with a population of a paltry 250 people became a town. In 1780, the town’s population grew to 684 people. The Revolutionary War led to a period of rapid growth. In early 1780, the General Assembly requested Richmond to temporary serve as The State Capitol. The Assembly felt that Richmond was safer from British incursions than the official capital, Williamsburg.

In 1781, British troops burned the city to the ground. Richmond Virginia was soon recovered and officially incorporated as a city and official new capital of Virginia in May 1782. The event was eight months after the British admitted defeat at Yorktown. On July 19, 1782, the first Richmond City Charter was legalized. By 1790, Richmond’s population had shot to 3,761 people.

Richmond as a Confederate Capital

Before the Civil War, Richmond was one of US bustling commercial and industrial centers. It also prospered as a port city. Richmond manufactured America’s first iron and brick supplies. Tobacco processing and flour milling were also big industries.

Richmond’s was also a Slave trade center. The Shockoe Bottom slave auction blocks processed an estimated 300,000 to 350,000 slaves between 1800 and 1865.

In April 1861, Virginia left the Union. The Confederacy, in an acknowledgment of Virginia’s capital distinguished economic and political position, made Richmond their capital.

Richmond after the Civil War

The Civil War changed Richmond’s fortune. The war left the city bankrupt and in ruins. The Union troops besieged the city for nearly four years without fighting. In April 1865, Confederate troops fled the city and set fire to cotton and tobacco warehouses.

After the war, Richmond rebuilding began. Tobacco and iron emerged as the greatest sources of wealth. Banking also became a significant contributor with Richmond becoming a notable leading financial center.

Richmond industries expanded during the world wars. In the 1950’s, racial tensions divided the city. The federal government ordered integration, but the local leadership was against desegregation in schools. The battles continued until the 1980’s.

Modern Richmond

Richmond is a great lesson in rising after failure. Despite many disasters, the city is resilient. Richmond now has a population of 217,853 people as per a 2014 population estimate.
The city’s new breed of entrepreneurs is reshaping its economy. After a period racial turbulence, Virginia gave America the first African-American governor. In 1990 L. Douglas Wilder, a grandson of former slaves was sworn in as governor of the State of Virginia.

Modern Richmond is a thriving hub for culture, upscale shopping and outdoor fun.