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Does DISH Network have Internet that’s fast?

Does DISH Network offer Internet that’s reliable?

Is DISH Network Internet available everywhere?

YES, YES, and YES – dishNET from DISH Network is the best in the Internet: it’s fast, reliable and available anywhere you can get DISH TV.

DishNET is available on its own or bundled with qualifying DISH packages for savings of $10/month – that’s $240 over two years that you will keep in your pocket!

Click or call now to get dishNET and save each month on the best entertainment on your television and computer screen.

DISH Network Offers the Internet for Everyone

Does DISH Network have Internet? YES!

DishNET is DISH Network’s satellite Internet service. It is available nationwide in speeds of up to 4G. That’s three times faster than DSL, five times faster than 3G, and about a billion times faster than dialup.

DISH Network has Internet that will let you keep connected, watch movies online, download and stream music, and even watch all of your favorite DISH TV shows and movies on your computer or mobile device.

DISH Network Internet gives you lightening-quick service from the same provider of the best entertainment on television. Call now and see what you’ve been missing!

DishNET Is Available for New and Continuing DISH Customers

Whether or not you have DISH you can get the best of the Internet with dishNET and start surfing with fast, reliable Internet service from DISH Network.

There are several different dishNET plans available for both new and continuing DISH subscribers, so you can get exactly what you want from your DISH Internet service. If you already have DISH it’s easy to add dishNET to your existing service. Just call 888-321-7209 and save.

Your new dishNET service will be bundled in with your existing bill for your convenience. New subscribers can get an internet-only plan or bundle a qualifying DISH TV Package with dishNET and save $10/month. Click or call to learn more about dishNET.

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