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*Comparison based on DSL speeds of 3 mbps, comparison will vary based on actual speed. Speeds may vary.

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With DISH Internet, your satellite dish works as a broadband Internet connection capable of 4G speeds. Service is available anywhere in America, and there are multiple plans to fit your needs. Add dishNET satellite Internet to your existing DISH TV service and start saving money on a faster Internet connection. Enjoy faster downloads, stream movies and videos, and connect with family and friends on Facebook and Twitter faster than ever. Stop waiting for the web and get DISH Internet today.

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Broadband Internet service

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*Speeds may vary.

High-Speed DISH Internet is affordable and available everywhere

Ditch dialup. Free yourself from poor cable coverage. With dishNET, you can have high-speed satellite Internet service anywhere in the nation! Stay connected on Facebook and Twitter, stream movies and music, and download apps and games without the wait. Fast and convenient, DISH Internet service is great for rural areas, small towns and other out-of-the-way places. You don't need to be an existing DISH TV subscriber to upgrade your internet experience with dishNET.

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Bundle DISH Internet with DISH TV service for the best entertainment at the lowest cost. Internet and TV packages are available nationwide for as low as $69.99 per month. Sign up today and get free activation, free installation, a free Hopper DVR and high-definition channels free for life on qualified DISH TV Packages. DISH TV and Internet is your ticket to the finest entertainment.

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Top 120

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reg. price: $54.99 you save: $25.00/mo


Channels: 120+

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reg. price: $69.99 you save: $30.00/mo


Channels: 240+

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Top 250

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reg. price: 79.99 you save: $35.00/mo


Channels: 290+

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Everything Pak

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reg. price: $124.99 you save: $35.00/mo


Channels: 315+

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*For 12 months, 24 month commitment required. Restrictions apply.

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