All New Dish and DirecTV Comparison

We posted updates to our DISH vs. DIRECTV article. We want to make sure it’s as impartial as possible, to show that DISH is empirically better. We think it speaks for itself. It’s a comprehensive comparison between Directv and DISH. Here’s a quick look at what we found:

Value Package

Number of Channels190+145+
ESPN IncludedYesNo
Local Programing Fee$0$0
Local Sports Fee$0Not available
HD Programming Cost$0$0
Contract Term2 Years2 Years
Price Protection2-year Price Guarantee1 Year
Annual Price Increase$0$38
Second Year Monthly Pricing$49.99$88.00
Additional Fees$0$456

Summary: DISH customers save an average of $456 over a 2 year period.



Free Standard Professional InstallationYesYes
5 Year Customer Satisfaction Rating – Call Center#1#2
5 Year Customer Satisfaction Rating – Website#1#2
5 Year Customer Satisfaction Rating – Clearest Bill to Understand#1#2
5 Year Customer Satisfaction Rating – Lowest Customer Complaints#1#2

Summary: Based on the American Customer Satisfaction Index comparison of major TV providers (2010-2015), DISH has consistently delivered a better customer experience.


DVR CapabilitiesHopper 3 – Record 16 shows at once, 4K video ready, faster performanceGenie – Record 5 shows at once, 4K video ready, faster performance
Live TV AnywhereYesNo
DVR Access AnywhereYesNo
OnDeman AnywhereYesNo
Commercial SkippingYesNo
HD Recording Storage Capacity500 Hours Internal (USB expandable)200 Hours Internal (Not Expandable)
Wireless Receivers AvailableYesYes
Bluetooth AudioYesYes
Remote LocatorYesNo
Easily Record Primetime TVABC, CBS, NBC, and FoxNo

Summary: The DISH Hopper 3 is a more powerful DVR than the DIRECTV HD GENIE. It is capable of recording 16 channels of live TV simultaneously, includes more internal storage that can be easily expanded through it’s built in USB ports.

A Better DVR – Hopper vs Genie

When comparing satellite and TV providers, Dish Network has continuously proven to be the technology leader. The Hopper DVR, now in its third iteration, making waves in the industry for being the best “cable box” available. This new update, announced at the 2016 CES trade show, allows users to record up to 16 shows or movies simultaneously. And, with the help of additional Joey units, you’ll be able to share that power with up to 3 additional TVs! Even the Hopper 2 left the competition in the dust, but now with 4K Ultra HD support, the choice (and picture) is clearer than ever. While both DISH Network and DIRECTV offer similar types of equipment and hardware, the comparison isn’t even fair. Let’s see how things stack up….
TL;DR: DISH Network has a sizable advantage when it comes to DVR technology.


Both DISH Network and DIRECTV offer customers a wide selection of HDTV options; all with award winning signal clarity. HD is the highest quality of picture that you can achieve, and along with HDTV usually comes theater-quality sounds. Both companies will give you local as well as premium channels in HD, but only Dish offers 4K Ultra HD Resolution.


DISH Network offers FREE HD FOR LIFE. This means that if you choose to go with DISH Network, you will have a lower monthly bill than with DIRECTV. Why pay an additional monthly fee? And, DISH Network offers over 200 HD channels for you to choose from, which  is more than DIRECTV offers, and with Dish’s 2 year Pricelock, your bill won’t go up after the first year.


DIRECTV charges a monthly fee to get access to their HD channels. With right around 200 channels offered in HD, they offer similar plans to DISH Network but for a higher cost. You can read more about DirecTV’s fee structure here.


Both DISH and DIRECTV offer their own versions of an at home DVR (from DISH the Hopper, from DIRECTV the Genie), and again they each have their own sets of pros and cons.


The first thing to consider is the fees associated with the equipment. Both DISH and DIRECTV offer the first receiver for FREE, but for DIRECTV each additional receiver is $5 per month, and for DISH each Joey tuner is $7 a month – you get what you pay for.

The Hopper DVR

The Hopper is widely regarded as the best DVR on the market today. Here are some of the great features that you can have if you decide to go with DISH Network and their award-winning Hopper:The limited capabilities of DirecTV’s Genie DVR, don’t come close to matching the included features of the Hopper, especially the newly revealed Hopper 3 DVR. Related Posts:  

DISH Network vs RCN

No matter where you are, DISH is there! Don’t be limited to the one cable provider in your area. Why settle for fewer features that cost more money?DISH Network provides more control, better quality and greater value! DISH offers nationwide coverage, blazing-fast Internet speeds and the most reliable service available. Don’t be fooled by the fancy advertisements, sneaky marketing tactics or paid actors claiming to be satisfied customers. Let the facts speak for themselves.With all of the hoopla surrounding which company truly offers the best service and the greatest value, lets compare two top packages from DISH side-by-side with a competitor such as RCN:


Cable w/digital converter $59.99/mo. 218 channels Digital converter includedCable w/HD converter $64.99/mo. 218 channels HD converter included

DISH Network

America’s Top 200 $39.99/mo. 240 channels Includes free premium movie channels for 3 months | free HD channels for life | free Hopper HD DVR upgrade | regional sports networksAmerica’s Top 250 $44.99 290 channels Includes free premium movie channels for 3 months | free HD channels for life | free Hopper HD DVR upgrade | regional sports networksNow you see why more people are choosing DISH! Other television service providers such as RCN attempt to mimic the quality and service that DISH offers, but only DISH provides the ultimate in home entertainment. With all of this and more, why settle for the other guy?

DISH Network vs WOW!

We often hear about companies that claim they have the greatest deals and best service at unbeatable prices. Unfortunately, all too often, this turns out to be only hype created by cable TV advertisers. Upon closer scrutiny, it is plain to see that these deals are actually no deals at all. Higher premiums for less channels is not a deal. Less picture quality is not a deal. Slower Internet speeds is not a deal.Today, people expect more from their television service provider.With so many cable companies like WOW! claiming to have the greatest deals and best packages, sometimes it can be hard to tell which is offering real value. With DISH, the choice is clear. Only DISH Network provides the best packages and superior quality, all at a price that is truly a deal. Compare for yourself – then switch to DISH!WOW! Cable
  • Basic Cable Package – $73 per month w/70 channels
  • Digital TV Basic – $80 per month w/140 channels (regular or HD DVRs extra)
  • Digital TV Signature – $99 per month w/190 channels (regular or HD DVRs extra)
DISH Network
  • Smart Pack for $19.99 – 55 channels including free premium movie channels for three months.
  • America’s Top 120 for $29.99 – 120 channels including free premium movie channels for three months, free HD service for life and a free Hopper HD DVR upgrade.
  • America’s Top 200 $39.99 – 200 channels including free premium movie channels for three months, free HD service for life, free Hopper HD DVR upgrade and regional sports networks.
  • Everything Pak for $89.99 – 315 channels including free premium movie channels for three months, free HD service for life, free Hopper HD DVR upgrade and regional sports networks.
And only DISH gives you Internet speeds as fast as 4G. That’s three-times faster than DSL!When you compare WOW! and DISH Network side-by-side, the picture is clear. Only DISH offers 100% digital content and lightening fast Internet speeds at a price that’s kind to your wallet. Why pay more for less? With the latest in home entertainment technology, only DISH has proven itself to be the real deal.

DISH Network vs Mediacom

“I just wanna watch TV!”How many times have you said this while your cable service was on the fritz? You call the cable company only to be told — after an extra-long wait time — that there is an outage in your area.Wouldn’t it be nice to have TV service you could count on? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to invite your friends and family over for the big game this weekend? Well, now you can!Some people think that the local cable company is their only option. Not true! DISH offers reliable, nationwide TV and Internet service. Cable outages? No problem! DISH uses premium satellite technology in order to ensure that your service is always on when you need it. The picture is clear. DISH Network offers state-of-the-art equipment, 100% digital picture and sound, and loads of premium features and new-customer promotions.Let’s compare Mediacom’s premier package against DISH Network’s most popular choice:
  • Mediacom: 200 channels for $54.95/mo. – $6.95 per month for HD service – $6.50 per month for a DVR
  • DISH: America’s Top 200 includes more than 220 channels for $39.99/mo. – FREE premium movie channels for three months – FREE Hopper HD DVR Upgrade – FREE HD for life – regional sports networks included
Don’t settle on less value for more money. Let the other guys deal with cable outages right before a game-defining moment. You will be there for the action! What do you have to lose? Kick the winning goal with DISH!