Beth Williams says DISH gets 3 out of 5 stars

Name: Beth Williams | Text: I was kept holding because they kept saying I had to pay before I could get service. I asked why after about 15 minutes he finally told me the name on the account it was a total stranger to me that lived in Detroit. I explained it had nothing to do with me he still said I had to pay because same last name and phone . I said how does someone in Detroit have the exact as I do in Texas I told him they wouldn t have the same area code of 806 he said oh I thought it was 366 he went back to the supervisor to tell them. When he got back he kind of laughed and said funny thing it wasn t even the same phone either. It took way too much time just to get this ordered then to find out there was no need for the rhn around to start with I wasn t happy | Answer1:  | Gender: female | Age:  | Zip Code: