Lawrence Minniefield says DISH gets 3 out of 5 stars

Name: Lawrence Minniefield | Text: The associate was excellent except she overstated the abilities of the Hopper. We have an additional home and I was told that I would be able to view tv at my secondary home part-time winter periodic weekends just by having wireless internet. The installer informed me that I will be able to watch it on the computer however I will not be able to view it on tv unless I m able to download the program on tv and he s never seen it done even with a Smart TV that we have. Not good. | Answer1: No difference so far too early to tell . I tell you that you should stop telling your customers that they will receive a 25 gift certificate by email. You should be embarressed telling your customers to complete the form just receive an allegedly 25 gift certificate. It makes Dish look bad. Example the gift certificate has to be printed customer paying for ink and paper . The customer has complete the form and include a 2.95 fee with the form. The customer has to pay for a money order or cashier s check for the amount another 2 as Dish will not accept personal checks. The customer has to pay for a stamp. I m not including the time spent to gather this info just to receive 25. Shame on you Dish. | Gender: male | Age:  | Zip Code: