richard tobin says DISH gets 1 out of 5 stars

Name: richard tobin | Text: i m not a happy camper my order wasn t placed so nothing got done till I called and was given another confirmation . for some reason never explained to me I couldn t keep my same phone number. I was told not to cancel my current service till my dish service was installed so when they installed it they cut all my wires so had no phone or internet service for 9 days. I called dish to inquire on when my service would be connected and they said I had to call frontier which I felt that dish should of made the call to inquire on the status of my order I made the call and had a 44 minute wait before I even got to talk to somebody nothing had been done with my order and they couldn t find the conf. but found something under my name so that she could start the work order on my acct.didn t hear anything for a few days so called frontier back and had to wait another 32 minutes to talk to somebody finally got hooked up today.i feel that you guys took my order you should have followed it through in case there was problems that might happen. I know you wouldn t have to wait 75 minutes to talk to them like I had to also I never got any channel guides yet. | Answer1:  | Gender: male | Age:  | Zip Code: I never got any channel guides for dish yet . so far I can t compare.