DISH Internet


Get Affordable Broadband Internet Anywhere in the U.S.

Get a fantastic rate on high-speed internet no matter where you are in the country! You can get broadband internet just about anywhere when you choose from popular satellite internet providers like HughesNet – Even in rural and remote parts of the country. Or, get 5G wireless home internet and enjoy lightning-fast download speeds anywhere you get 4G or 5G celular service. You’ll also get free WiFi for all your wireless devices and no hard data caps for a price as low as $49.99

Purchase DISH Network together in a bundle with satellite internet or 5G home internet and receive a $200 Mastercard gift card!

**$19.95/mo - 6Mbps internet price is for first 3 months, normally $44.95/mo, Earthlink activation and equipment fees may apply. See disclaimer for full details.


Bundle an Internet Service package with a DISH TV package to get the best deal on the services you use. Save even more money when you bundle home phone service. With plans starting for as little as $19.95 per month and the ability to bundle DISH NETWORK TV and Internet for more savings, we have your Internet needs covered. Our Internet team can help you find the most reliable service available in your area and answer any questions you have about satellite Internet, FiOS, cable or other high-speed internet services. Find the best internet service based on availability in your area, speed, reliability and price.

5G Home Internet Plans

Broadband internet service has never been more convenient or affordable. 5G home internet brings download speeds of 115 Mbps to you through the cellular network. That’s fast enough for online gaming, streaming all your favorite shows and so much more. The combination modem & wireless access point blankets your home in Wi-Fi with no ugly wires, just a single box with a single power cord. Best of all, at just $50/mo with automatic monthly payments, this is high-speed internet for less than ever before! You can even get up to $500 in cancellation fees covered from your current provider to help you switch.


Satellite internet service has come a long way! With speeds as fast as 25Mbps and no hard data caps, HughesNET satellite internet is a great option for people in rural areas or areas not serviced by other providers. HughesNET is the best choice for satellite internet. Call us today so we can discuss your satellite internet options with you.


No matter what internet service is best for you, give us a call and we can help you save! We work with just about every major internet service provider, including Fiber Optic Internet Service (FiOS) with speeds as fast as 500Mbps available in some locations. Give us a call to find out what internet service options you have in your area. Then save even more when you bundle with DISH Network TV.


Does DISH still offer DishNET?

You can still get both internet and TV via satellite with DISH Network and HughesNet satellite internet. DISH no longer offers Dishnet internet, but you can still bundle high-speed satellite internet with your DISH service. Give us a call to find out what services are in your area.

How fast is DISH Satellite Internet?

When you bundle with HughesNet Gen 5, you can get up to 25Mbps download speeds even in remote areas and no hard data caps! Other internet services like FiOS and 5G home internet offer even faster speeds.

What Does it Cost to Set Up 5G Home Internet

Absolutely nothing! 5G home internet service comes with no installation or set-up fees. Just plug in the access point, configure it in minutes on your phone and get online. Best of all, you can try it risk-free for 15 days and get your money back if you don’t like it!

Does DISH offer a bundle?

Yes, DISH offers bundles that include both TV and internet services. You can explore the special offers and bundle options by calling (844) 693-0285 and speaking with an agent.

Which internet providers does DISH partner with?

DISH partners with dozens of trusted internet providers, including AT&T, HughesNet Gen5, CenturyLink, Frontier, ViaSat, and Kinetic by Windstream, among others. These partners offer a range of technology types and download speeds.